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New Years Day is less than a month away and we all know what kind of resolutions make the top of the list. Get ahead of your 2022 fitness goals with a brand new smart fitness system. This weekend we take a look at a slew of cool products so you can find the workout equipment that best suits you. Read on to learn more!

Whether we are comfortable with our bodies or not, it is likely that we are less than satisfied with the symptoms associated with being out of shape. No one feels good about struggling to climb a flight of stairs or cringing to bend over and pick something up from the floor.

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If you are younger this may not be an issue for you yet and if you are older it is even more relatable. If you are like me and fall in-between age groups, you are just starting to really notice the change–and thus the natural and biological need for more exercise.

Bowflex 22 features a 22-inch display and walking path

Perhaps the desire to exercise is not the issue at all. Sometimes the greatest deterrent is the gym. Many people love a good gym setting. They enjoy the unique atmosphere, the myriad of different tools and machines available to use, and even mild social aspects. For example, there are those who draw motivation from their own competitive nature, fueled by the sight of their peers working hard. Others are inspired by the supportive guidance of trainers or gym partners. If you are not one of these people, however, the gym can be a nightmare that you actively try to avoid.

Lucky for us, there is a solution to this problem. Because of the improvements in technology, you can have a little piece of that gym life wherever you want it. In fact, without needing too large of a space you can enjoy it on a lighter scale, only privately in your own home. That is a blessing for the more introverted of us especially. So with that said, what smart fitness system should you buy for your home in 2022? It is a great question and we are here to answer it. Let’s dive in and explore some of the options available today.

Tempo move smart fitness system tracks movement data

MYX II Plus exercise bike features an interactive touchscreen loaded with effective workouts.

Change the way you work out at home with the MYX II Plus exercise bike. It has a 21.5-inch touchscreen which is entirely interactive. The tablet-style touchscreen provides access to a plethora of different workouts to keep you in constant motion, plus new sessions are regularly added to keep things fresh. It also tracks essential workout data like heart rate, distance “traveled,” and speed. It even includes a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, which is a nice touch. Lastly, the MYX II Plus comes with a 6-piece weight set and kettlebell along with a handful of cool accessories.

You can get the MYX II Plus exercise bike here for $1,349.

MYX II Plus exercise bike

Renpho Smart Jump Rope helps you keep track of data from each of your workout sessions via the app.

Jumping rope is addictingly fun, so we suggest not skipping this nifty gadget. Now, you can …….

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