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It is a mystery that remains unsolved: how is it that headphone cables get so easily tangled in pockets – pants, bags, whatever – even when you care to wrap them well so that this does not happen. There are black holes, the Bermuda Triangle, and the strange phenomenon of these cables!

It is very likely that this mystery and the annoying problem that it causes —the amount of curses and rudeness accumulated in the sky bears witness to this— motivated the engineers who, at the end of the last century, created Bluetooth, the popular technology that allows the transmission data wirelessly. Goodbye cables, goodbye tantrums.

More curious is the origin of the name Bluetooth, which would have roots in an ancient king of Denmark, called Harald Gormsson, who ruled Scandinavian lands between the years 958 and 986. He was known by the nickname of Blåtand, which in old Danish means “Blue Tooth”, “Blue Tooth” in English. It was Jim Kardash, from the Intel company, who suggested adopting the concept during a meeting that took place in 1996 between various technology companies seeking to standardize this new connectivity system. Kardash saw a similarity between the objective of this and what was committed by King Harald, who conquered various indigenous peoples of the sector and “unified” them by converting them to Christianity.

More than a decade and various versions took Bluetooth to conquer the market. Today, virtually no entertainment electronic devices are manufactured that do not offer Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is still possible to find equipment in homes that do not have this connectivity system. That means a gap between “old” and “new” gadgets, thus far making them incompatible in many cases.

Let’s say you’re lying down after a strenuous day at work. It’s late and in theory it’s bedtime, which your partner wants to do to get up early the next day. You, on the other hand, just want to watch your favorite series of the moment and have a good time of leisure and relaxation before having to start moving the machine again. The masks can help whoever sleeps next to you so that the light from the television does not bother them, but what do you do with the noise? Are you going to watch your favorite series at zero volume? Nothing more boring! The solution could be to use your wireless headphones, but you can’t. Why? Because your TV does not have Bluetooth.

“What not panda the cunic!”, the Chapulín Colorado would say. Now you have a simple, comfortable and efficient solution and those are the Bluetooth transmitters, a device that, as the technology journalist from the financialist, Martín Calderón, “allows some devices that do not have this type of connectivity, such as a TV or an old stereo, to have it.” Thus, this analog product becomes digital, functioning as an audio receiver and propagating a Bluetooth signal to the devices with which it is to be linked, such as wireless headphones or a portable speaker.

Using a transmitter is easy: you just have to connect this device by cable —through the audio input or a USB port— to the equipment that we want to have a Bluetooth signal, turn it on and voila: is ready to link to the device that will play the audio.

Having a Bluetooth transmitter can have several more advantages …….

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