What the Tech? A few gadget gift ideas for Father’s Day – 69News WFMZ-TV

A huge drawback of thin TVs is the sound quality. There’s no room for great speakers. A soundbar is necessary. But some have so much bass that explosions and special effects make it hard to hear what the actors are saying.

The ZVOX Sound Clarifying Soundbars have surround sound but it also lets you separate audio of special effects and turn up what the actors are saying. ZVox also has Bluetooth headphones with the same technology.

If dad is always lugging a laptop for remote working, you can help lighten his load with an iPad Pro. He won’t be able to run software but if most of his work is online, the thinner lighter iPad Pro can do almost everything he needs.

Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and it totally feels like you’re working on a laptop. One from Brydge has backlit keys and the iPad can be removed. Add the ability to use SD cards and thumb drives to an iPad with an Anker USB-C power hub.

He might like his garage door to be smart. The MyQ smart garage door system connects to the existing garage door opener so you can control it from a smartphone from anywhere. Add a security camera to allow for Amazon In-home Key delivery. The Amazon driver opens the door to drop off the package and closes it again when they leave.

Dads can be a little on the geeky or nerdy side of things, take it from me. So these tech gadgets are no-brainers.

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