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Between stints at Engadget, Gizmodo, and CNET, Sean Hollister became part of the small group that co-founded The Verge back in 2011. He has worn a lot of hats in the past decade: reviewing products, running the newsroom, training and editing new writers, putting spicy editorials on the site, starring in a few videos, liveblogging, and shaping coverage where he can. He’s currently a Senior Editor.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you like doing at The Verge?

My favorite part of the job is blogging about gadgets! I try to do it every day no matter what else The Verge needs from me because I love them to death.

Where did you get your desk and where in your home have you placed it?

It’s in the corner of my home office, right beneath a mini-split air conditioner, so I can usually dial in a comfortable temperature even if my gaming PC pumps out a bit too much heat. And yes, it pulls double duty as my battlestation — note the gaming mouse, Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard, and the Xbox 360 controller hiding under the right monitor! Out of frame, there’s a big display case where my wife and I keep our Figma and Lego collections, and her desk is across the room.

Three monitors sit atop a Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk.

My desk is a Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, one that’s proven pretty popular among Verge staffers, but that’s not why I bought it; my wife got one first, and I’ve been jealous ever since. Originally, I had the comparatively terrible Ikea Bekant, a purchase I’ve regretted for years. The Jarvis is so much smoother, steadier, quieter, and — importantly, I’ve found — raises and lowers to my preferred height(s) with a single press, giving me no excuse to sit around all day and ignore the standing feature like the lazy bum I am.

Other brands make very, very similar desks, some of them based on the same parts, but I’ve also had the two best customer support experiences of my life with Fully. If I were doing it again, though, I’d buy the 60-inch version so I’d have a bit more room for an add-on drawer.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This popular standing desk quickly and quietly adjusts from a top height of 50 inches to a level low enough for you to sit on the floor.

Tell us about your chair.

It’s a 20-year-old Herman Miller Aeron that’s still going strong, a hand-me-down. I’m at least the third owner, maybe the fourth? I told myself I’d never buy an ugly Aeron, and now, of course, I can’t imagine using anything else. I tried a whole bunch of chairs, actually, but the Aeron seatpan’s …….

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