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For many iPhone owners, adding other Apple devices to their tech stack is a no brainer. The Apple Watch pairs with your phone to gather biometric data and send it straight to the Health app, while the AirPods come to life as soon as you open the case. But if you purchase any combination of gadgets, you may end up with more charging cables than you need. Not only can that get messy, but it’s also wasteful, despite the company’s efforts to crack down on e-waste.

Whether you’re concerned about extra cords or not, an all-in-one charging solution could come in handy when it’s time to power up, especially on the go. Unfortunately, Apple’s MagSafe Duo supports only two devices at once, and it costs a staggering $120. The MagStack Foldable Wireless Charging Station is much more affordable at just $48, and it even has a spot for a third device.

The MagStack is a three-in-one power station supported by a single USB-C cable and a 20-watt adapter. The left-most pad is MagSafe-compatible, so it’ll juice up iPhone 12 models and newer. But if you have an older iPhone, such as the 8, you can attach the included metal ring to your case or the phone’s back to align it with the charger. Meanwhile, the right dock isn’t magnetic, but it can still deliver wireless energy to devices with Qi technology, including Android smartphones, AirPods, AirPods Pro and other Bluetooth earbuds.

The MagStack’s middle pad features a dedicated Apple Watch charger supporting Series 1 through 6. You can leave the port flat and place your smartwatch facing up or flip it outward if you want to display the time and wrap the strap as it powers up.

But where the MagStack truly shines is its floating stand mode. It contains magnets on each end that prop it like a triangle, allowing you to watch YouTube videos or FaceTime friends on your iPhone in landscape mode while charging. And when it’s time to hit the road, the MagStack folds into a neat package measuring just three inches long and wide and under an inch thick.

Power your mobile Apple devices using, essentially, a single cable. You can purchase this three-in-one charging station for $48 or 36 percent off.

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