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This Friday, 18 March, is World Sleep Day, and while it’s easy for us to say eight hours of rest every night is what’s needed, this seemingly simple goal can be tricky to achieve.

Thankfully, there are plenty of products designed to help you get the rest you need. These include trackers for a better understanding of how you sleep each night, brain activity-reading wearables to help ease you into a relaxed state of mind, smart lighting for simulating a gradual sunrise (even in the dead of winter), and air quality monitors for your bedroom.

There’s a lot more to good sleep than tracking how much (or how little) of it you actually get each night. But these products can help to provide greater insight into what type of sleep you are getting – broadly split into NREM and REM sleep – as well as giving you a record on which to gradually improve over time.

Good sleep hygiene is key to seeing this improvement take shape, so create a bedtime routine and stick to it as best you can – and yes, that means leaving your smartphone and other blue light-emitting devices out of sight.

We have also included a couple of smart lighting products designed to wake you up gradually. These can make a huge difference on dark mornings, and if you have black-out blinds, can also be used during the brighter summer months too. Their gradual brightening is not only less jarring than the blare of a bedside alarm, but can also help train your body clock to wake up naturally at the same time every day.

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How we tested

In pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep, we have used all five of these products, in some cases for several years, and often simultaneously. While some are fairly expensive, others – like Philips Hue smart lighting – can be replicated on a much tighter budget, thanks to the falling prices of smart bulbs and their companion phone apps made by other brands.

These are our favourite devices to help us get a truly good night’s sleep.

Withings sleep analyser

Many readers will be familiar with the sleep-tracking abilities of their smartwatch or fitness tracker. But these tend to be bulky wearables that can be uncomfortable to wear all night, and whose battery will often need a top-up after being used for 24 hours straight. Instead, we use the Withings Sleep Analyser.

Now in its second generation, this USB-powered sleep tracker is covered in soft fabric and is designed to sit beneath your mattress. Sensors detect when you get into bed and fall asleep, then plot your journey through the various stages of sleep each night. The tracker measures your heart rate, breathing, snoring and movement.

A record of your sleep is sent to the Withings’ smartphone app, called Health Mate, via Bluetooth, ready to be analysed when you wake up. It then awards your sleep a score out of 100, alerts you to any signs of sleep apnea, and shows how you transitioned through REM, light and deep sleep.

If you’re making changes to your pre-bed routine in a bid to improve your sleep, the Withings Sleep Analyser can help track what improvements these changes have made.

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