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The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bath heater has up to 2,400 W heating power. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Smart Bath heater in China. The device can warm or cool your bathroom using up to 2,400 W power, covering an area of 52 cm (~20.5-in) in width. Plus, the gadget has an integrated 1,100-lumen light. You can control the heater with an accompanying Bluetooth remote, the Mijia app or voice commands.

Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Smart Bath heater in China. The new device has an AC dual-core motor and can warm or cool your bathroom. The gadget has a 52 cm (~20.5-in) heating range and up to 2,400 W of heating power; Xiaomi claims that the heater can reach 10 °C (~50 °F) in as little as one minute.

Smart features of the heater include automatic ventilation, which should take three minutes, and intelligent defogging. You can also use the device to dry the bathroom and nearby wet clothes or towels. The Mijia bathroom heater has a built-in 15 W light, producing up to 1,100 lumens of brightness. You can control the gadget wirelessly with an IPX4 waterproof Bluetooth remote containing eight buttons. Alternatively, you can use Xiao AI voice commands or the Mijia app to control the device.

The heater measures 600 x 300 x 92.5 mm (~23.6 x 11.8 x 3.6-in) and is designed to be installed in your bathroom ceiling. You can currently buy the Mijia Smart Bath heater in China for 449 yuan (~US$63) with a 50 yuan (~US$7) deposit. The gadget is expected to ship on October 1, and the device will retail for 499 yuan (~US$70) after this pre-sale period ends on September 28. It is unclear whether or when Xiaomi could release the heater in other markets. 

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