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You can control the Xiaomi Smart speaker with the help of two apps. In order to use the smart speaker you first have to install the Google Home app. Once done, you will then have to install the Mi Home app. The Google Home app allows you to do a lot of things with the smart speaker.

Using the app you can adjust the sound quality, and activate Voice Match so that your family members can also control the smart speaker with Voice Commands. Along with this, the app also enables you to adjust the volume levels for timers and alarms and offers accessibility features and more. On the other hand, the Mi Home app allows you to change the home automation settings and also configure the famous IR control feature.

Found in almost all Xiaomi smartphones, with the IR Control feature you can control the other objects in the room that work with the IR remote controls. In order to do so, you will first have to find the devices that you are planning to control from the list of supported devices given in the app. You can control your TV, set-top box, air conditioner, fan and more. After completing the process of configuration, you just have to give a voice command to control the other devices. You can ask the smart speaker to control the volume or switch on and off a particular device.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Xiaomi Smart speaker with IR Control works as a regular Google smart speaker. The device comes with Google Assistant support and it also offers Bluetooth connectivity option.

Coming to the performance part, the Xiaomi smart speaker delivers a satisfactory performance when it comes to audio quality. The sound quality will be liked by bass lovers and the device also performs well when it comes to mid and low frequencies. The smart speaker also offers loud and clear vocals and you can easily differentiate between vocals and instruments. We also did not notice any noise distortion or decrease in the sound quality of the smart speaker, when we played it at high volume levels. You can further control the performance of the smart speaker with the help of the EQ settings present in the Google Home app. The smart speaker is ideal for medium size rooms and it offers a loud and clear sound experience even at a 70% volume level. You can also use the Xiaomi smart speaker in Stereo mode.

The microphones present on the speaker also performed well and we didn’t face any issues while giving voice commands to the Google Assistant.

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