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Yamaha is known for making some serious audio products and by serious we mean some really high-end professional-grade audio products. However, the company’s reach isn’t just limited to the professional level. Yamaha also makes speakers, headphones and other audio products for consumers and the most recent addition to that portfolio is the new over-the-ear YH-E700 headphones.

The headphone is priced at Rs 29,900, which isn’t cheap and puts it directly into the territory of some market leaders like Sony WH-1000XM4, Bose QC 45 which was recently launched and more.

But, does the Yamaha YH-E700 have what it takes to beat the ones that are already ruling the charts for several years now. Let’s find out in our full review.

Yamaha YH-E700A review: Design
Yamaha YH-E700 is a premium headphone and the build quality also depicts the same. Despite the plastic build quality, the material used feels premium and solid. The headband is cushioned and wrapped with a leather-like finish, that further adds to the premiumness of the headphone.

Talking about the height adjustment mechanism, it is also plastic, but the operation is smooth and accurate. It does not slip and slides automatically. Apart from that, the ear cups are big and rounded. But, the joint between the headband and the cups is also plastic and we have our concerns over its durability.

At the top of the ear cups, there’s the Yamaha logo on each side and they also contain clear markings for left and right.

Unfortunately, Yamaha has decided to stick with good old buttons instead of the touch-sensitive controls that we get on newer headphones these days. While this is certainly a surprise, we aren’t complaining.

Now, buttons on headphones or earphones have always worked better compared to the touch controls. Also, they are accurate and precise. Yamaha has done a good job at positioning the buttons. It was just a matter of time before our brain’s muscle memory memorised the buttons.

The left ear cup has the power button, Play/pause/call button and USB Type-C charging point.

The right size ear cup has a 3.5mm audio jack for a wired connection.

Talking about the ear cups themselves, they are properly cushioned and feels comfortable to wear. Also, the headphones aren’t that heavy so we managed to use them continuously for around 4 hours in a stretch.

Yamaha YH-E700A review: Performance
It’s an ANC headphone and let’s start with that. The active noise cancellation on these headphones works fine, nothing to brag about. It’s simple and does the job well. The headphone managed to minimize surrounding noise like a dog barking, utensils sound and other random background noises.

We also like that the headphone does not give a vacuum-like feeling when turned on. Also, there’s a transparency mode available that allows users to focus on their surroundings when needed.

Talking about the audio quality, the headphones come with 40mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 8Hz to 40KHz. Which is really good, the 8Hz response means it can deliver some good and punchy bass output. That is also reflected in the sound signature of the headphone.


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